Legend Bespoke

Established in the year 2013, Legend has undergone a thoughtful refinery of its fashion taste from well-tailored and designer Suits, shoes, shirts, pockets squares, scarves, ties, socks, accessories, to an add-on of its luxurious and customized brand, “The Legend Bespoke”

What We Do

Legend is a retail fashion outlet that deals in the finest selection of Men’s suits and accessories.

And now we have added our new Brand: the “Legend Bespoke” where clients can order their customized suits, shirts, shoes and accessories to suit the occasion. There are also a range of bespoke apparels and accessories to choose from.

Who We Are

Situated at a prime and attractive location in Labone, Accra-Ghana, At Legend we service our customer base promptly and professionalism in choosing the best variety of wears for the desired occasion.

We value the image of the environment and thus offer top notch fabrics that aligns itself with a green environment. With partnerships in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Italy, the costumed “Legend Bespoke” is here for Good.