Legend Bespoke

100% Bespoke Suits, Shirts, Shoes and Accessories for the Elegant and Classy Man.

Established in the year 2013, Legend has undergone a thoughtful refinery of its fashion taste from well-tailored and designer Suits, shoes, shirts, pockets squares, scarves, ties, socks, accessories, to an add-on of its luxurious and customized brand,

“The Legend Bespoke”



Our Mission

To be the one stop shop for the today’s man whilst creating a sustainable whole network for the Legend and Bespoke brand in Ghana and abroad.

Our Vision

To embrace the inclusive language of our clientele, Legend Suit select combines value and the preference of the daring personality to make him think deeply in marrying lifestyle and beauty within the trending fashion industry. .

And You

In the end, we always emerge with something that is distinctly unique and truly You

Our Visionary

Richard Owusu Darko is the brain behind this successful company. The realization of man wooing the environment he found himself by his appearance sparked the desire in bringing fashion onto the door step of the today’s man.

And His Vision

We had observed that, an elegant man is a confident man. We look forward to being a step beyond the extra-ordinary with our long term vision derived from God.

Customize Your Own Shoe